About Us

Holidays Tropic Ltd, started by Mr. Shyam Rajkoomar & Ms. Nandini Rajkoomar serve as a travel planning company which offers activities offer from all around Mauritius from array of different categories such as: Sightseeing Tours, Extreme Adventures, Luxury Activities, Spa & Massages Packages, Sea & Water Activities, Sport Activities, Romantic Activities, Tracking Tours, Full Courses, And Tailor made VIP Customized Activities, Land Excursions, Rental Facilities, Sea Cruises, Accommodation Facility in Villas/Bungalows or Hotels, reconfirmation of return Flight Tickets, etc. All services are provided under the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced team who guide you throughout your trip in the best possible way.

We also provide transfer services to and from the SSR International Airport, inter hotels and accommodations at various tourist locations across Mauritius.

Why Holidays Tropic Ltd?

  • We have attractive prices!
  • We typically are 20-30% priced lower as compared to any other agency operating in Mauritius.
  • We offer discounts on every order the customers make.

Who uses our service?

  • We have always made sure that we cater to every tourist by offering various tour options - from cheap and affordable to luxury.
  • We provide activities for every tourist group: singles, couples, families, corporate visitors, groups, both tourists and locals and in all ages.

We are Industry Leader

Holidays Tropic Ltd is one the leading tour planner in Mauritius known for famous attractions, adventure tours, excursions and activities.

Save time and enjoy a guaranteed activity

When you book with us we guarantee you the best place for any tourist activity as per your desire of time and date that suits you most.

We create Tailor made adventures

Holidays Tropic Ltd offers unique tailor-made VIP luxury activities for individual travelers and groups. This will entitle you to create your dream vacation according to your specific requirements and wishes!

Best Customer Service

Our emphasis on quality and service has rewarded us with a lot of success and recognition in Mauritius. We are dedicated to improve the customer experience and are constantly focus on how we can improve our services.

Attractions & Excursions

Holidays Tropic Ltd offers hundreds of attractions & excursions which makes it the largest provider of travel adventures, sea and land excursions and tourist activities in Mauritius.

Our Mission Statement and Core Values

Our core value has always been to satisfy every tourist who plans to visit Mauritius, with our outstanding service and through the large range of tourist attractions and activities we offer in Mauritius.

We are dedicated to the customer experience and are constantly evaluating how we can improve our services.

Our Values

Customer Focus and Understanding

We always tend to focus and understand our tourist’s needs, and provide them with timely and accurate quality service. All the services we provide are emphasized with increasing value to our customers.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We innovate and welcome changes, continually increasing our standards of quality and services to clients. We value our customers’ feedbacks and implement them in the ongoing process of improving our website.

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From all across Mauritius, our array covers different categories like sightseeing tours, extreme adventures, luxury activities, spa & massages packages, sea & water activities, sport activities, romantic activities, Hiking trips, and tailor made VIP customized activities. Holiday Tropic Ltd being a leading Tours and Excursions provider in Mauritius offer the most extensive range of attractions, activities, tours and excursions in Mauritius. You may surt our entire website and you will find the complete list of activities offered by our company for you to choose from.

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